What does consumer privacy mean to you? by Joel Franks, Owner, Windward Digital

I think consumer privacy actually is taken a lot for granted in that we don't think about it on a daily basis. If you stop and actually think about consumers and privacy on our phones or our mobile devices, we do multiple transactions every day. So that could be just taking a picture, it could be all kinds of things, too. We don't think about it. We do a lot of things throughout the day that we just do second nature. We don't give it a second thought.

If you stop and you pull back and you think about what you did that day on this device, on a phone, you start thinking, my gosh, the privacy is a huge factor because of the data that I put on that is personal to me. So privacy, consumer privacy would be this data being mine and only mine. That's what it means to me. And the problem with that is we use a lot of third-party software.

We use everything, everything out there is done through someone else. So it filters out, it filters out and comes back. So it has to do a passthrough. So privacy me means that that will get around the globe and back to me. And it's in my possession only.

ZipComply believes that trust and security should be transparent and the industry standards that one should expect, regardless of being explicitly stated in a law.

We hope to educate everyone about consumer privacy. We ask the question "What does consumer privacy mean to you?" to people in different job functions. The answers might surprise you.

In general, people seem very passionate about consumer privacy. Stay tuned for more of these videos.

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Based on the information above, governance is quite involved and challenging. Our ZipComply Concierge service helps your business at the consumer end of your web presence. Our Data Governance consulting group can help you with your enterprise level governance and compliance.

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